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Marrakech Desert Tours

Marrakech Desert Tours are daily run excursions which include at least an overnight the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi in Merzouga or sand dunes of Erg Chegaga near Mhamid. Visitors to Marrakech with limited time opt for Marrakech to Zagora as as shortest desert tour from Marrakech to spend a night in tents and ride camels, this Marrakech desert tour is however a long drive each way but include many places to see and visit during the tour from Marrakech to Zagora. Other Marrakech desert tours to Erg Chebbi in Merzouga can last 3, 4, 5 days or more, travellers can choose the option according to their pace and interests, if you are a photographer for example the 5 day minimum is required to have enough time and avoid rushing from one place to another. If you are limited in time, still want to experience the real desert tour from Marrakech then a 3 days to Erg Chigaga is a great option..

Marrakech Desert Tours:

1- Marrakech to Zagora 2 days and 1 night
2- Marrakech to Merzouga 3, 4, 5 days or more
3- Marrakech erg Chegaga 3, 4 or 5 days

These Marrakech desert tours can include top high end accommodations include the luxury desert camps and boutique hotels or midrange accommodation in small guesthouses and regular desert camp in either Merzouga or Chegaga.

Morocco New Years Eve Desert Tours

Morocco New Year’s Eve Marrakech Desert Tours:

Looking to visit Morocco for new years holidays, why not participating in the new years eve desert tours from Marrakech to Erg Chebbi with a local travel company from Marrakech and celebrate the new year differently. Available new years eve desert tours of 4 and 5 days starting from Marrakech and ending in Marrakech open to join, other Marrakech new years eve desert tour from Marrakech ot Fes or Fes to Marrakech. The party of new years eve in the desert is something that you would enjoy, the show which includes drums musique troups. The big fire the whole set will be of a great memory of your Morocco new years eve holidays. The buffet dinner served for new year is totally different that you get in western hotels, diversified, traditional meals, salads, roasted lamb…ect. Do not forget to bring your bottle fo wine for dinner.

Marrakech Sahara Tours

Marrakech Sahara Tours

Marrakech Sahara tours are excursions that departs from Marrakech to different destinations in southern Morocco including Zagora, Mhamid, Foumzguid, Erg Chigaga dunes or Erg Chebbi. Classic Marrakech Sahara tours are the 2 days and 1 night Marrakech to Zagora which offers less desert experience compared to other places. Other Authentic Sahara Tours take you off the beaten track to Erg Chigaga beyond Mhamid thes tours are 3, 4 or 5 days minimum as they include some challenges such off-roading when heading from Foumzguid to Iriki lake or from Mhamid to Zaouit Sidi Abdenebi. Sample Marrakech to Erg Chigaga 4 days tour itinerary available here. All Marrakech tours include sightseeing, day excursions, desert tours, authentic Sahara tours to Erg Chigaga and Erg Chebbi and connect two main cities like Fes and Marrakech or muti cities in one custom Morocco tour itinerary.

Berber Tours Marrakech

Atlas Mountains & Berber Tours from Marrakech:

Berber tours to Atlas Mountains where the authentic villages of Morocco including Marrakech day tours to Imlil, 3 valleys combining Asni and Ourika, the valley of Zat, Amizmiz region where Azgour, Imi N’Talla as well the waterfalls of Ouzoud. Other Marrakech tours to Berber regions include Ouarzazate as well the valley of Ait bouguemaz also known as the happy valley.

Morocco, the Kingdom of Colours

Morocco is one of the best holiday destinations, it has a charming combination of landscapes and culture, the kingdom is well known by the hospitality of the locals, especially the ones living in villages and courtyards of the Atlas mountains and south, that’s why, the holiday’s compangnies, travel agencies, tour operator and DMC’s in Morocco and around the world suggest travel packages, adventures travels and tours ( mountain biking trips, trekking, Marrakech Day Trips & excursions, 4×4 Morocco tours), incentives travels including team building games, motivation , stimulation and product launch. Moreover, all this travel companies offer unforgettable stays in hotels & riads in both medinas Marrakesh & Fes, for the visitors wishing looking for  a desert experience, a 4×4 desert trip starting from Marrakesh to Merzouga dunes or Mhamid& Chigaga dunes in the deep south shall be a good idea with many lasting memories, while spending a night in desert campunder the nomadic tent or outside under the shooting stars, a camel ride to enjoy the sunset, a finest meals cooked your camel driver served in tagines most of the time.

Morocco tours & treks | Marrakech desert tours

The main attractions of Morocco are the outstanding cities of Marrakech and Fes, the two imperial capitals with various dynasties, unique cities among the Arab world, Fez medieval medina is the highlight when talking about the monuments: Medrassas, museums, palaces, souks and Mellah (Jewish quarter) but Marrakeshis still the most exciting destination in Morocco for visitors because it is the gate way to the most attractive region which is the south, a more relaxing places and beautiful sites when traveling around Morocco. Beyond and across the Atlas, the southern roads are amazing while travelling with a rental car or 4×4 vehicles for remote off-road safaris and adventures tours crossing the oases of Draa valley before Zagora, the pre Sahara regs and the Ergs of Chegaga, Erg Chebbi & Merzouga dunes and Erg Lihoudi close to Mhamid village, Tizi N’Tfilalet, Lmharch, Tafraout and Ouzina. Something that those regions share in common is the architecture of the fortified buildings Kasbahs & Ksours.

Morocco tours & treks | Marrakech desert tours

For westerners, Morocco holds an immediate and enduring fascination. It seems to be far from Europe but the flight takes only 3 hours from major European capitals : Madrid, Paris, Rome and Geneva…etc. An Islamic and deeply traditional kingdom located in North Africa bordered by the Mediterranean ocean in the north and the Atlantic ocean in the east. Despite the French and Spanish colonization at the 19 century and the existence of cosmopolite cities like Casablanca, Rabat and Agadir, a more distant past constantly makes its presence felt. Geographically, the country divides into four zones: The Mountains, Atlas with its three sections and Rif in the north, the coasts: Mediterraneanand the Atlantic, the cities of the plains and the oases of desert and pre Sahara. In Morocco, we have three Atlas sections, the middle Atlas, the High Atlas Mountains, around 800 km length and 72 in large, famous for its highest summit in North Africa of Toubkal mountain 4167m and around 30 summits for more than 3000m high excluding Mgoun mountain 4078m, an ideal region for trekking programs departing from the magic Marrakesh, and the Anti Atlas. It is actually the Berbers who make up most of the Moroccan population with around 80 percent.

Morocco tours & treks | Marrakech desert tours

Morocco’s colonial occupation was from 1912 until 1956 when it reasserted its independence. The colonized kingdom was divided into two zones, French one was the larger, it comprised the plains, the Atlas sections and the main cities (Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Ouarzazate and Fez). The French authorities ruled their protectorate more efficiently, imposing their existence by Europeanizing the cities and use of their language which is widely spoken in Morocco today, it is also used in all administrative services including files and all kind of papers, the tax system is almost the same, even the Moroccan constitution was inspired in the French one, those are advantages for French people living in Morocco and encourage them to make a huge investments  all around the kingdom including riads & guest houses owners in Marrakesh medina. All this had the most lasting effects on Moroccan culture. The Spanish zone includes the Rif mountains, the northern Atlantic coasts and the Mediterranean regions except Tangier which was an international zone, as well as parts of Western Sahara in the deep south of Morocco.